Time to say goodbye.

After a year filled with cheese balls, excitement and hard work we're stopping our project to focus on other life events. We had a blast and we couldn't have done it without you - Thank you! You can still browse our website but the online shop is now closed. If you'd like to know more about our closure, read our goodbye letter.

If you really need some Pão de Queijo in your life, Rita might be able to offer a catering option. You can contact her at ritaduarte@hotmail.co.uk.

Word on the street.

We’ve only been trading since March but the media are already getting excited about Dona Rita. Here are some of the names that wrote an article about us.

Forget cronuts and duffins, there’s a new baked good in town.

Ben Norum — Evening standard

Contact us

Call Clara at+44 (0) 79522 16979ordrop us a line atoi@donarita.co.uk