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Pão de Queijo.Brazilian cheese

A proper Pão de Queijo is a two-bite business: crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Made with cassava flour and fresh cheese, it’s a farmer’s take on traditional European bread - without the wheat. Pão de Queijo is a staple snack at most cafes, restaurants and dinner parties across Brazil. It’s cheesily addictive and naturally gluten free.

Try pairing it with a short black coffee São Paulo style, or spread thickly with guava jam for a sweet contrast.

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Guava jam is made with guava, a tropical fruit that’s sweet and aromatic. It’s the most popular dip for Pão de Queijo. You can use your favourite english jam as a substitute.

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It’s pronounced pown-deh-kay-zho.

Bake-at-home frozen pack.

15 cheesy balls – £5.


We'll be back soon with more cheese balls, watch this space.

A crunchy outside giving way to a cloud-like interior. Sounds ace, right? Right.

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